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    [A] 3D/WK (Mo/We/Th) 9/16H 25M Raiding Guild LF DPS/HEALS

    Who is The Family Business?

    The Family Business began in December 2004, several weeks after WoW went live, and has been a staple of the Burning Blade community ever since. We began raiding in May of 2005, and we are still raiding today with the same raid leader(The Asthole) and officer core from our earliest days. While initially a four day a week raiding guild, we have scaled back to two nights a week to enjoy the content as it's released and to embarrass the competition who raid as much as three to five days a week with similar or even lesser results. As of the end of March 2012, we became the US first alliance 25 main raiding guild for 1-2 day a week raiding guilds as seen at wow progress.com.

    As of October 2012, we have gone three days a week for a few months to keep up with the content. We plan on returning to a two night a week schedule in January unless our raiders decide they enjoy the more rigorous schedule.

    Why TFB?

    TFB is one of the top 25 man raiding guilds of Burning Blade while maintaining a very minimal raid schedule. While we raid much less than our competition, we still out perform many of the guilds found on Burning Blade, and elsewhere in the world. With TFB, you can look forward to a shorter raid schedule (2 nights a week, 4 hours a night) but you can expect those 4 hours to be used to their fullest. We do not idle in front of bosses, we do not tolerate players who go AFK during trash often, and while we do take a short break half way through most raids, we never spend more than 15 minutes waiting around from random interruptions. That all said, we enjoy a light-hearted, entertaining atmosphere during our raids. We like to play the game to have fun, and raiding quietly for 4 hours is usually not how we do things. Jokes aside, you can expect a very serious shift in attitude when it comes time for progression.

    Raiding Information

    Current raid schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7-11 PM EST. No other attendance is required, but you must be able to reliably make these raid days. Those with volatile work schedules or real life situations which may make you unavailable to raid less than 75% need not apply.

    Needed Classes/Roles

    Current Needs:

    Resto Druid
    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman

    Additional Information

    Below I provide links to a few youtube videos of our boss kills which include our ventrilo conversations (We use Mumble now). Should you take the time to watch them, you'll see a guild that enjoys raiding even after 7 years, people that actually enjoy being together for these raids, and an atmosphere that most individuals are quick to adapt to and fit in. We take the family in The Family Business seriously, and you'll be hard pressed to find any "drama" within our ranks.



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