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    How to change authenticator?

    I have a new phone, and I don't have access to the recovery serial number or anything. I just downloaded the authenticator app on my windows 8 phone, and it automatically gave me a (I don't know if the old one, or a new one, since it's based off my phone number which is the same) Serial and Restore code. Where on the battle.net page do i change the info. I've already tried using the random codes that are passing by on my current phone but none of them will log me in to my account.

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    You need to log on to battle net to remove it . Then remove it and add the new one, since it has to be registred to the account. If you can´t use the old phone - which tbh is pretty stupid not to check on before switching - then you need to call blizzard to make them do it.
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    make a ticket to remove your authenticator. I think you'll only need the awnser to your secret question, however I'm certain you'll be able to do so with an ID issued by your government
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