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    Which Tier 14 set?

    Is using the windwalker tier 14 set to tank herocis, LFR's and some reg 10 man's an issue? I got a shoulder token and the Windwalker set looks to have stronger stats? Thoughts?

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    no, its not.

    I tank hc raid bosses in my windwalker gear, hope that answers your question.

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    Windwalker gear and Brewmaster gear are essentially the same (except that Brewmaster T14 is dodge on the shoulders, and a few stam socket bonii). The only major difference besides that are the Tier bonuses, which convey no value to the opposite spec, so wearing WW T14 to tank with ends up being the same as wearing non-tier epics of equal ilvl.

    You can essentially go from WW to BM without changing a single piece of gear and tank fine.
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    The only difference comes from slight variation in stat weights. There's some room for personal taste's, but others not so much.

    For example, depending on overall ilvl, you could end up energy/chi capping and being GCD locked as WW in BrM gear if you aim for 8-9k haste levels. Conversely, if you cap expertise at 7.5% (dodge) for WW, then start tanking, you'll get parried which may/may not cause problems (having keg smash get parried is a pain in the arse before you've got shuffle stacked to a decent buffer).

    As such, I personally gear for WW (my mainspec) but keep expertise capped at 15% for when I tank. I also don't go all-out haste so stick with Power Strikes instead of Ascension as BrM so I don't get GCD capped as WW... (too much haste as WW you'll never get to use FoF/Chi brew without energy capping). As a HC raider, this may not be ideal as it's not min/max, but as a casual player it works well for me as I don't have to worry about extra gear.

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