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    Saving Valor cap

    I was just wondering. With the new conquest cap system of "you can catch up midseason", would Blizzard implement the same for valor points? IE you can take a vacation from WoW for a couple of weeks and then come back and earn the valor you missed.

    I have weeks where I work a lot and weeks where I've got a lot of free time on my hands, and would love to be able to earn my valor from last week.


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    Would be a nice idea, but don't think they will implement it for PvE.

    I could be wrong, but haven't seen anything regarding it.

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    problem with pvp is that your points per week are fixed to your rating.
    even as a pro player with 2400+ rating you can get a max of 3800 points.
    without rating your max will be 2200 a week.

    now take into account you need 7250 to get the pvp weapon. and that the other items range from 1250 to 2250 points.

    now look at pve.
    you cap your valor and can buy some items every 2 weeks. but you can also do heroics for blue items.
    you can raid for epic items. and you have about 3 raids atm to get gear from.

    aka valor is good for those slots you didn't find a upgrade for yet. but this isn't the case in pvp.
    there is only 1 way to get that pvp gear and thats by earning points and capping em each week.

    sadly thats why pvp needs a way for ppl to catchup. and tbh the high rating ppl will gain much more points a week and thus get that elite gear allot faster.
    so the shouldn't bitch:P thats the same with DS heroic gear! it was special but in the end nearly everyone had some bis items.

    ow and don't count sha of anger for pvp gear..... rare drops shit for me so
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    Highly Doubtful. The major difference in PvE is that the challenge you are facing is just as difficult in week 1 as it is in week 10. The bosses don't get harder. In PvP, the opponents you are facing in week 10 are much stronger than those you would face in week 1 because of the gear that they have acquired. There are also other ways to get gear besides Valor. Not so with PvP gear (Sha doesn't really count), as Conquest is pretty much the only way. Lastly, doing so would go against the design philosophy Blizzard is pushing in MoP that boss drops should always be the primary source of gear for PvE, not Valor gear.
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