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    WoW Pet names!

    Anyone else name any of their pets after WoW characters? My Border Collie is named Arthas. I wanted to name him Thrall, but my wife didn't like it, so we settled on Arthas Menethil.

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    What a cute little fella.

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    He's possessed by Ner'zhul! Look at his eyes! Just like the human Arthas!

    Seriously though, he's adorable! I haven't named any RL pets after warcraft characters, but in-game I named my Perky Pug after my RL pug, Emmett. Sort of in reverse to what you said! :P
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    Thought this was about names for combat pets in the game to which i would say i name my pets after pokémons...but no i don't name my real pets after WoW characters.

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