[H] <Pleasure Town> Korgath-US 10 (9/16H) Recruiting

About Us
Pleasure Town is a 10 man horde progression raiding guild. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, but are very serious about progression. We are currently 9/16HM.

We're looking for experienced and talented players, who like to raid in a fun atmosphere, but take their role and the guild's progression seriously.

T13 8/8HM
T14 9/16HM (and progressing)

Raid Schedule
Tuesday - 9:00-12:00CST
Wednesday - 9:00-12:00CST
Thursday - 9:00-12:00CST

We occasionally do off-night raiding for cleanup during weeks of progression, but it's optional, and put to a group vote on Thursday. We also often host alt raids during the week and weekends.

Recruitment Needs
Resto. Druid - OPEN
Resto Shaman - OPEN
Mistweaver Monk - OPEN

We are currently in need of a healer, preferrably the ones listed above. The healer must have a good dps off-spec, because we require all our healers to be able to dps when the comp requires it for given fights.

We also welcome good raiders who may not have the ability to consistently raid due to RL restrictions to apply and join. We often take our guildies to fill in for temporarily open raid slots or alt raids.

We are a progression-oriented guild, and expect all our core raiders to put progression needs first. As a result, we expect:

  • Maturity. We do not have age restrictions, and have a range of players of different age groups, but we expect all our raiders to be respectful and cordial with each other. This doesn't mean we don't have fun with playful banter and joking, but crossing the line will not be tolerated.
  • Punctuality. Nine other people are depending on you to be on time, so repeatedly being late or missing raids will not be tolerated.
  • No loot drama! Loot is a means to progression, and will be distributed fairly to ensure the group is properly geared as a whole to down bosses optimally.
  • Communication. We prefer the 10 man format because it's much easier for the group to communicate and work together as a whole, even in vent. We expect all our raiders to communicate in and out of raid, to help fellow raiders and themselves with downing bosses quicker. This means you must be able to speak when the time calls, and should participate in discussions on our forums regarding strats, raid progression, etc...
  • Tolerance, patience, and a good attitude. Raid progression can be frustrating at times. Good raiders know this, and roll with the punches. Those that give up easily or blame others are not welcome here.

Contact Us
Apply at our website: http://pleasuretown.guildlaunch.com
Or contact us in game: Ananoon, Iflassman, Siktirji, Yuriah, Neotlozhka, or Durahide