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    Mists Cinematic and 5.1 End quest

    I recently checked out the MoP cinematic again because it looks really cool, but then I noticed something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvYXoyxLv64 at 1:45.

    When the Orc kicks the human away, he hits a huge bell.
    There have been some discussions about the idea behind the cinematic, like the 2 fighting of Chen would be equal of the Horde and Alliance vs. a bigger enemy.
    However, the Orc (Garrosh) kicks the human (Anduin) to the bell (Divine Bell).

    Purely out of speculation, I though this could resemble the happening of Garrosh nearly killing Anduin at the end of the 5.1 questline, which took place near the Bell.

    This might just be coincidence, but I though it was funny to share.
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    The bell from the cinematic is located in Jade Forest. You go there during the Operation Shieldwall questline.

    Other than that it is indeed very similar.
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