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    noob question- blood rotation

    Hello all, im new on DKs and I got 1 or 2 questions if u guys dont mind to answer

    1st Im low lv, just lv 68 and Im doing more damage with blood boil then with heart strike, is this normal? I dont even use heart strike on single target.

    About the runes and habilities usage. Im using my blood runes on blood boil or heartstrike and frost/unholy/death runes on death strikes and thats my rotation while trying to keep deseases up. Is this right?

    If u guys could recomend a good addon for runes I woud apreciate to. Tks

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    If you have attack power on your gear, or a really bad weapon, then blood boil could be doing more damage.

    For leveling, i would recommend taking roiling blood. The primary purpose of levelling as blood is to be able to AOE pull, so with roiling blood you'll never lose your diseases.

    But yeah, blood boils, death strikes if you need HP, more blood boils from death runes if you don't need to death strike.

    I recommend the add-on pack ELV-ui, it's built in rune monitor is pretty great. Though, tbh, i don't really look at it, if my death strike is lit up, i know I have a FU pair :P

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    pretty much as the poster above said, i was just too slow by the looks of it

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    Leveled two of them so far. For some reason Blood Boil is hitting harder than any other attack for all specs, until around 77. I tried all three specs the last time around, In MoP. And it wasn't a weapon issue as i had something good every 5ish levels.

    I seriously only hit icytouch and blood boil til 77. then i got a MoP weapon and they weapon strikes started to hit harder, lol

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    It's not for some reason, it's the fact that blood boil scales off attack power, and heart strike and death strike off weapon damage.

    It was a weapon issue, even if you think you had something good every 5 levels, you probably didn't. And yeah, around burning crusade attack power exists on gear.

    And obviously, the more you pull, the harder your blood boils are going to hit...

    Also, if you didn't press death strike whilst you were levelling, you were doing something VASTLY wrong.

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