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    Born in Sweden, but im going to move away <3
    Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a worgenD:

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    Quote Originally Posted by torterra275 View Post
    Might as well say it now.

    Barack Obama, I'd imagine it be funny as hell.
    Or better yet, the whole US Government.
    Oh now you've done it, I'll dig up the political characters from another thread.

    Barack Obama - Human Warrior
    Joe Biden - Gnome Warlock
    Mitt Romney - Tauren Paladin
    Paul Ryan - Goblin Mage
    Dick Cheney - Dwarf Hunter
    John McCain - Undead Death Knight *insert old man joke here*
    Sarah Palin - Draenei Shaman (Far Sight <.<)
    "Oh, who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called the Void!"

    "No matter how much you plead I will not sprout tentacles or turn into a giant eyeball. Well, I might. But not because you asked!"

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    Il throw in a few that i want to see:

    John de Lancie
    Ron Perlman
    Robert John Downey, Jr
    Joseph D. Kucan
    Michael Shanks
    Peter Cullen (atleast to voice something)
    Christopher Judge
    John Noble (i could so see him playing a goblin mage or warlock with goblin engineering after Fringe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von Bosch View Post
    arnold schwarzenegger ftw
    Yep, I wanted to say that to. +5,000,000 new subs i would say if they air that ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayjir View Post
    John de Lancie
    Love love love.

    That would be so perfect. I'd love to see that too. :P I don't think he could play a normal character though, he'd have to be an Old God or something.

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    I really hope Niel Patrick Harris doesn't do one of these.

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