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    To fellow older players who still play wow

    Has Mists of Pandaria caused you to log less and less? Some people say that "bro, but it was same in tbc!" Well some ppl might forget that what wasnt so bad back then, can be bad now. Firstly people who played in vanilla and tbc propably arent teens anymore and dont got time to play whole fuckin day. Secondly as the game becomes old you will obviously lose atleast some interest to it, and if game is still time consuming as it was before it's obviously bad thing. I think what they achieved with these dailies and other inconvenience (leveling new char from 1-90) that especially old players have stopped to play. You cant fuckin play wow all day if you're responsible adult. People who still can play wow full time like doing dailys, leveling and all that shit as adults gives me impression of them still living with parents or living on welfare. I know some will say that im lieing, but I'd say what I wrote describes the situation pretty accurately for most cases.

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    This is basically a rant post and provides no means for constructive discussion.

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