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    Enhancement challenge modes

    We've started doing challenge modes (2/9 gold atm) and while scrolling through my spellbook I started thinking.

    Rockbiter weapon.

    Could we possible tank these things? I mean I know 10% is minuscule in the face of some of the harder packs but I know some groups go without a healer and was thinking maybe if we had a full time healer could I tank this? Unleash weapon with Unleashed Fury talent makes it so 5 seconds out of every 15 I get an additional 40% damage reduction, on top of shamanistic rage, astral shift and stoneform (dwarves ftw) is it possible I could survive and tank this stuff?

    Just food for thought, atm we have a decent group so I probably won't switch but maybe it's possible for others.

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    Keep in mind that the unleashed fury DEbuff is only applied to the target you cast on, it's not a buff on yourself like sr or astral shift. Also you'd probably need to equip a shield for the armor, netting you quite a large dps loss. And don't forget that you still have a chance to get critically hit by mobs and bosses, unlike tank specs, which can be devastating. Might be fun just for the sake of trying, but I don't think you'll be getting any gold times.

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    I forgot about critical strikes, other than that I had thought about other stuff. I tried the warlord in krarsarang with a healer and a dps, I was "ok" to heal and I had ok threat but then I got crit. Oh well. It was a nice idea.

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