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    [A] <The House of Usher> Terenas - 10s

    Terenas -US
    The House of Usher is an extremely old guild founded back in the early days of Vanilla, looking to re-invigorate itself.

    We're readying a new 10 man team for Patch 5.2.

    While we are looking for certain classes, we're open to anyone who wishes to join.

    We are currently in need of one or two melee DPS, and two or three ranged DPS. Healers and Tanks are not currently needed, but also welcome.
    We will see to it that everyone will get into the raids.

    Our Raiding schedule will run Tuesday & Thursday, and possibly Sundays, to be determined based on progress for the week. We start at 7:00 server or 9:00 EST.

    In addition to Raiding, we're also open and supporting Arenas, Pet Battles, Heroic and Challenge Mode Dungeons, and Rated Battlegrounds.

    Again, we're open to any and all classes and specs.

    If you've made it this far, then more about the Guild itself...

    We're a casual/social guild, looking to launch back into progression, while maintaining a limited schedule, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We want everyone to have fun, and feel at home here which is most important to us. Short of it, we want to have progress while remaining laid back.

    We are Level 25, have Vent, and have 7 tabs in our bank.

    If you want to know more, contact me (Rainbelle) in game with Mail or whisper, I can answer questions here on the forums as well, can be at houseofusher.wow gmail. (We also have a new website under development.)
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    Updated, still looking!

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