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    Would anyone else like Trade Channel in every town across Warcraft?

    I'm not asking for Bank, Auction House, Profession Trainers and everything in every town, just the accessibility to /2 i.e Trade in any town with an Innkeeper that you go to, so that we may set our hearths to places we really like, yet still keep in touch with the world, of warcraft.

    For example there's a really cool town in Blasted Lands that the Gilneans have put up where NO ONE EVER GOES. I'd like to sit there in my downtime when I'm waiting for stuff but I'd always be missing out on potentially important Trade/Group news happening.

    I don't see how this would reduce socializing since no one socializes in major cities anyway, they just go there for the banks/AH and /Trade. Back when we used to have World LFG channel I'd almost never hang around in major cities.

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    This.... yeah, this sounds like a good idea. I'd like this.
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    There is an addon (TradeForwarder) that allows you to listen to, but not send messages to, trade. You can listen anywhere in the world.

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    Sure, it's not like any other locale in the game could be more deserted than Exodar.

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    TradeForwarder ey? I'll definitly look into it, I'm only interested in listening. Thanks!

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    The ability to troll trade from anywhere.

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