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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Not a dps class but BrM monks seem to scale very well with gear being by far the worst tanks at low gear levels and amazing at high.
    This. Brewmaster is terrible until you get to a certain gear level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceships View Post
    This. Brewmaster is terrible until you get to a certain gear level.
    I'm going to just assume the BrM that you play with is horrible.

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    All specs are gear dependent but i'd say fury is one of the most.

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    Moonkin, no doubt.

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    I have kinda different question: how much DPS i'm losing on Hunter by having really bad weapon?
    I'm 498 item level geared (4x 510 HC MV, 1x 502 HC MV, rest is 496 some upgraded to 500/504) but I still wield 471 blue weapon cos my RNG is extremely assonite on this slot. Wasted about 75 rolls already, for nothing but gold and dupes. If I'd knew that not even one ranged wep will show up for 3,5 months I'd grinded 2,2k for 498 elite PvP wep at this point.

    I'm missing:
    -damage on weapon
    -whatever stats this weapon has (more agil / secondary's)
    -660 agil from wrathion stuff

    So how much I can miss by wielding this shit instead, say 504 ilvl upgraded Taoren /w Wrathion stuff?
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    Fury warriors and Ret paladins are pretty gear dependent.
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    Hunters are the WORST gear scaling class. Not one of the best @_o

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    gear dependent?? fire mages

    scales very well with gear??? boomkin (haste increases casting speed+next dot tick, crit gives them x2 damage+chance for starsurge proc, mastery is just flat increase in damage) in oceanic now Lol

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    Anything that scales with "weapon damage". I'm still waiting for an epic weapon and my theoretical DPS increase without gems/enchants is already roughly 10k. It's really f'd up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Boomkin druid
    QFT. Balance is all gear related. The "rotation", if you can even call it that anymore, is so simple. It only requires gear. I mean, there are a few exceptional boomkins but for the most part it's simple to do decent as balance.
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    any spec that requires a 2 handed weapon, aside from monk/feral.

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    Specs that require certain amount of crit for a proper rotation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Not a dps class but BrM monks seem to scale very well with gear being by far the worst tanks at low gear levels and amazing at high.
    vouch. so so so squishy... need a good amount of hit expertise crit and haste to start not being squishy, fresh 90 brm won't be able to keep shuffle up, along with good uptime on elusive brew, god so strong with better gear, i only have 1 heroic piece and not even full 493's and already powerhouse through heroics, compared to going in them fresh, huge difference.

    other than that i'd say hunters as well, but even ones with good gear don't seem to be doing that well(only encountered 2 hunters in all the heroics i've done that have outdps'd me either aoe or single target, its that bad) even when i was a fresh 90(brm is my main got him up fast before people were getting geared out)
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    properly fire mages after the critical mass nerf

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