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    Garalon Dancing/Wobbling ?

    We have just started doing Garalon (normal), and whilst the kiting is starting to go ok - we are finding that Garalon is doing some pretty amazing dance moves on the floor.

    A leg might move 180 degrees in an instant, back/forth.

    Is there a reason for this, and what should we do to stop it?

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    Pheromone Kiter should avoid the stairs that lead to his platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccKep View Post
    Pheromone Kiter should avoid the stairs that lead to his platform.
    He doesn't go up on the stairs, but when you say avoid - how far away does he have to be ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    when you say avoid - how far away does he have to be ?
    We usually avoid the grey area (the stairs + ~3 yards in front of it or something like that) and never had those problems anymore.

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    We had many times Garalon doing a 180º + cleave too (luckily theres was never anyone behind him on those moments)... Im thinking that the Boss turns to cast the cleave on my pet (Hunter), since it always stand right behind the Boss... Thats the only explanation i could reach... Do you have a Hunter on your group?

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    I've noticed that a couple seconds into our pull Garalon will sometimes spin about but it tends to stabilize just as quickly. I'm one of the tanks so I don't actually pay any mind to what our first kiter is doing to cause it. It looks scary but truthfully I've never known it to really be a problem. I usually pop Unholy Blight so I can get diseases up on all the legs while he's whirling. Other classes might be able to capitalize on it if its a regularly occurring thing.

    Is he doing this at other points during kiting? Have your kiters go slowly. Should be fine.

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    He sometimes targets Shaman Totems and Elementals.

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    I believe the spinning is purely graphical. We've seen him spin and cleave what was behind him, but none of the people apparently caught in the cleave lost any health and the tanks got hit as normal.

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    I was told the boss goes apeshit if Pheromone goes to far from the boss, could this be true? (if it is than most likely to prevent people from bugging him out.)

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    Yeah, he tends to spin if you bring him to the stairs though I've also seen him spin in other parts of the room. We just call it his Schizo moments and move on.
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    Haha good one Grimord and have to agree, he shows us some nice moves from time to time ;p

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    He shuffles, obviously.
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    As a tank, i've always noticed him periodically change directions very drastically, maybe 100 degrees at times although never 180, but he whips back around to the direction he should be facing almost immediately. When we first started doing garalon (first couple of attempts) I used to try to run around to the direction he changed to, but as he changed back too rapidly he wouldn't hit us with his attack. Since then I just ignore it when he decides to spin around crazily because he never does his attack while doing so, he will always orient in the proper direction first.

    I know you're talking about legs and i'm refering to his "face" but it's the same concept really. I would assume as DPS you'd be better off doing what I do, recognizing when he goes crazy and just pretend it doesn't happen because within 2 seconds he will straighten up and things should be where they should be. Trying to chase that wild leg around will cause more dps loss than waiting for it to come back.

    Honestly I never gave much thought as to why it happens or what can be done to prevent it, I just do my job. He does it every week, and still dies easily every week.
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    For anyone concerned about it, when the boss does turn 180 degrees and cleave, he doesn't actually cleave that direction. The graphic is there, but the effect will still hit the tanks and not anyone behind him.

    That said, Blizzard released a lot of rather buggy content this patch.

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