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    is this good dps for my gear?

    i know i asked this before but i pride myself in giving my all, anyway this my gear... http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rathmar/simple
    as for dps well i just did lfr msv (the last 3 bosses of msv) and on the 1st boss i got 64k, on elegon i got just below 78k and the last boss with the add changing i got 58k. is this good for my gear? i know i need to learn to try to use my chaos bolts with as many buffs as possible and weave CB with my havoks (getting quite good at this) but yeah any comments or tips/upgrade recommendations are appreciated
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    LFR isn't the best example to use, especially if you aren't providing us with logs, due to the fact that fights play out differently/some mechanics are ignored etc.

    I know for elegon for our first kill in normal (I was around 465 ilvl so a bit lower than you) I did 110k as destro, but like I said in LFR fights play out differently and you won't have managed to stack Draw Power as high as we did. You probably also only had one protector spawn each round so that's less chances to cleave with havoc.

    If you can try to step into some normal modes and post feedback with logs we can help you out, but just posting an armoury and saying what you managed can be quite hard for us to work out how to help you, and even gauge how well you are doing.

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    Without logs it is really hard to say much of anything. There is also a 'fix my dps' thread stickied at the top.

    If you really want to see where you are while in lfr do the gara'jal fight and never go down to the spirit realm. You will have your fully raid buffed patchwerk dps from it. Vizier is a decent enough test of some movement thrown in as well, you don't have to follow mechanics but you can anyways.

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