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    Questions about Dreadful Crafted gear in 5.2

    How will we obtain the recipe? Will it be with spirit? Also, are the mats just going to be exotic leather, ghost iron, etc?

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    If it's like any of the previous crafting patterns for WotLK and Cata they'll be automatically updated when the patch goes live. Mat cost will remain the same.

    Edit: This applies only to the patterns. Any previously made gear will retain the item level of the previous pattern.

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    This time however I dont think it will sell much either, mainly cause of new season honor gear being epiccsz. People early on used to to queu for heroics, now days thats not really huge concern AND most people are done lvling, and if they aint its gonna be alts they got left that buys them.

    They were sick cash early inn MOP Im sure, but by now its quit less - Even trough still a potential even and safe way to make some gold with
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    I belive you will easily be able to make a few hundred thousand with these over the course of the new season, just like the current contenders sets.

    With the high demand for ghost iron ore in the new patch (BS need it for the new ingots to make lightning infused steel or whatever it's name is) amongst other things for the BS plate related gear I would advise to stock up now. The cloth and leather/mail stuff will I would think prety much have the same cost as they do now due to no increased demand for materials.

    In the first week you will be able to sell them for around 700-1.5k per item depending on the slot and I would expect within a month or two it would of settled down to roughly what the current PvP gear is selling for. It may not be the masive gold mine that it was on launch but it will still be a significant jump in your gold reserves if you get on board even for just 2 weeks.

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