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    Leveling a Mining/Herbing character, addon question

    So, the default minimap icons for Herbalism and Mining tracking are both exactly the same yellow dot. Does anyone know of an addon that can codify them or represent them in some kind of different way so I can distinguish between the two?

    I know Gatherer has past nodes recorded, but I'm really looking for something that can tell what the node is before I get to it. Essentially, I want an addon that can read the minimap's tooltip for a tracked node and tell me what kind of node it is without having to mouse over every single one.

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    Yes I had the same problem. You'll want two addons that work with eachother, GatherMate2 and GatherMate2_Data. The data portion, when in-game, imports an entire database of nodes to your map, essentially telling you where everything is. You can customize it to each toon and toggle off features as needed. On the map, each node a unique little icon of what it actually looks like. So on the map, a Copper node appears as a Copper node, and an Iron node and Iron node. I never went back.

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