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    [10 Man Heroic] Gara'jal and Elegon Questions

    My group is raiding again after a couple of weeks, we cleared all remaing normals (Amber Shaper Un'sok, Empress and Sha of Fear) and we're 2/6H on MV. We got Gara'jal to 6% in about 10 tries, but we're basically brute forcing it. We're using 3 healers and lusting at the start (delaying first totem), we got it to 65% i guess. My question about this fight is about the spirit realm, how we can take advantage of the buff? Healers should stay inside building stacks and quit with maybe 5secs left? What about DPSers? I'm thinking about sending a healer+ranged+melee, melee quits once button apears and the ranged stays insides and kills everything it cans? How much time DPSers need to stay inside?

    My other question is about Elegon, i currently have a 12 players roster, so for this fight i can stack casters, going with 3 melees is really hard?


    Tanks: Druid, Paladin
    Healers: Druid, Paladin, Shaman
    DPS: Warlock, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, Dk, Mage
    Backups: Hunter, Dk, Disc Priest

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    Your strat for gara'jal is fine except you should drop a healer and replace one withyour disc and 2 heal it. Have a hybrid with heals top people off if both healers are unable to go into the totems, Should solve your dps problem. Obv make sure your healers are dpsing all throughout lust disc damage is huge and so is heart of the wild

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    Disc is an excellent compromise for garajal. Kind of a 2 1/2 healer strat. Disc only goes down when the other 2 healers cant. To be honest we don't focus on maximising the buff too much, I think the adds need to be under control so the dps should make sure they stay long enough for that to happen.

    For elegon we use 2 melee. I can't imagine 3 would make it too much harder as long as the melee are aware of stacks etc. Ofc theres the movement issue but the dps requirements for heroic elegon are very very lax. We're by no means great (our first kill was this week) but someone had a lagspike and we only killed 6 sets of orbs. We still finished the fight with 90 seconds to enrage.

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    Garajal is more about sending whoever can go down down. Most of the time we leave them down there for practically the full duration as the adds can pile up fairly quickly. (Healers will come out sooner as the spirit buff regens mana far faster than you can spend it).

    For Elegon, melee will generally do better with p2 adds, but range will do better with protectors and resetting their stacks. That said, warriors and rogues can heroic leap/charge and shadowstep, respectively, to quickly reset stacks. Your dk and glyph pestilence and spread his dots to all of the sparks during p2 and your warrior can heavily cleave on them. Rogues are especially good Total Annihilation soakers, so each class brings something to the table. We first killed this fight with 2 melee and 4 ranged, but assuming you have annihilation soaking down, you should choose your best players.

    Viable soakers:
    Mage (Greater Invisibility)
    Priest (shadow)
    Rogue (Cloak of Shadows)
    Warlock (Dark Bargain)

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    If you wiped at 6% it basically means you can kill it with that set up. Healers should pump heals into the DPS to get the buff up, but DPS shouldn't hang around downstairs for ever, if most of the adds are dead that's good enough.

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    You have, in my opinion, the best 3 classes for below part of the Gara'jal heroic fight. We actually 3 heal it, but could easily 2 heal it. With good rng, we hopefully get the SPriest and myself, a mage, to go down together every time. For some reason it seems to always happen. The Spriest is spec'd into Cascade, and I have Nether Tempest. We will dot up everything, and the adds will melt while the healer heals us up and we typically stay down there for the full duration. Since we will be on CD to go down, the next group will go down, but they will only kill the tank's add, and will leave as soon as the healer gets them to 21% of that buff. They could be down there for 5 or 6 secs possibly just depending on the heals. Then back to the spriest and myself, we'll clear the whole room the next time we go down. You having a warlock should make that rotation even nicer. There's no point of staying down there, if there's nothing down there, get your buff up and leave.

    If the spriest and I don't go down together, the healer will heal the other dps first and get them back up top to get on the boss, and either the spriest or I will stay down and clear the adds.

    For H Elegon, our melee stay in the whole time on the boss for 100-85%, our Resto Druid specs into HotW and burns, and we'll only have 1 add. The OT handles him with the help of the ranged. From 85% to 50% (well Elegon is usually at 65% after the first transition), we get 1 add again, and the OT will handle him again. Melee stay in and pop personals to help the healers during that time. After the 2nd transition Elegon is at 25 to 30% we'll Lust and burn.

    This is how we do it, and what worked best for us. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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    We 2.5 heal Garajal easily(since we switched to 3 heal after too many rng whipes during progressing we havent whiped) with a holy pally, druid and disco. We have alot of time left on the enrage timers and kill it as a routine(although we've only done like 2 or 3 kills). Elegon for us went down after 7 tries, was disappointingly easy almost. We had 2 melee and that went fine with stacks, did 6 and 7 I believe.

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    I'm not sure if it was said in posts above, but here is my experience.
    You can very well 3 heal it, or 2 heal it using hybrids, it just depends what your group is capable of doing.
    I'd recommend using as little melee as possible, but definitely bring in that Disc Priest, as they are the best for this fight, and DK if his DPS can compete with everyone else. Of course, bring in your top DPS overall so you can have a quicker fight. My guild will send down say 2 DPS and a healer, (ex: Warlock, Mage, Paladin) and once the Mage is healed to full, he leaves the realm and continues to DPS the boss, while the Warlock stays and DOTs up all the adds that he can, while the healer maxes and maintains his buff. Once they are both out, the next set goes and does the same. I can't remember what we did for our first kill, but now we 2 heal it and use a Moonkin and Elly to off heal, sometimes sending only 2 people total over.
    We try to get our best add killers (Warlock and Moonkin) in there for less adds at the end, and only keeping our highest boss DPS (Mage and Rogue) up full time. If anyone has problems getting healed, or if a healer misses a totem, or a hybrid is healing, the DK can Death Strike and Death Pact (along with other class personals for the rest) to save themselves.
    We stop taking totems at 20% and just burn it from there. Smoke Bomb, barrier, etc to help the group survive the adds.

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