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    Question Spirit Kings 10H help!

    Prot War
    Holy Pal and Resto Sham
    BM Hunter, 2 Ferals, Spriest, Enh Sham, 2 Aff Warlocks.
    Need help.
    We're having problems on the 4th: tank gets down in 4 sec or less (even with overheal).
    1) Is it better to go 2 tank for the first kill (not having problems with tank grabbing boss on 30%)
    2) Except Spriest who is able to aoe raid without having much damage and kicking out of MC?

    Or it's setup problems?

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    Well, as a Hunter, i always tried to help on MCs dropping an Explosive trap on the 'stack' point right before the MC are casted, and also use Glaive Toss (although beeing carefull to not use this during a Flanking orders because of the 3 sec 30 % slow). Set one of your warlocks to also use Harvest Life on raid.

    About the number of tankers, my raid always kill with only a Bear tank, but if youre having problem on keeping him, maybe 2 tankers work better for you (if DPS are not a problem, of course). Worth a try... We did so many btw, till we finally get the first kill... haha..
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    Affliction warlocks have decent burst aoe damage with seed of corruption, more than enough for 2 of them to break people free (especially with everybody else helping), just don't soulburn it..

    As for Meng's melee, just be aware of it when he's high on resources; have your tank play as if it's spirit kings, saving his big mitigation abilities for when Meng melees him hard, which isn't terribly often considering how he spends most of his time either low on sanity or running around like an idiot. Double hand of sacrifice, LoH, and spirit link totem should be more than enough to get you through any dangerous damage when combined with the tank's own abilities.

    We did have a moment during the transition where both meng and zian were beating on the tank at the same time, doing 140k dps to him for a good 10 - 20 seconds before zian fell over and meng decided he wanted to run around the room for a bit, but aside from that moment your tank really shouldn't need any external help dealing with the damage (relative to the other bosses) unless he's an alt or a fresh reroll.
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    You need to set up your tank's personal CD's and raid CD's so that when Meng comes out he doesn't get truck fucked by the 2 at once. When Meng comes out you need to ignore the shadow orbs that Zian puts out and just kite them and burn him down before he first Maddening Shout. Shadow orbs disappear after Zian dies, though he still summons them on a timer.


    I would also suggest to break out the Maddening, have both of your Feral's use 1 swipe. Assuming everyone is stacked (which you should be) it should be enough to break everyone out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zie View Post
    You need to set up your tank's personal CD's and raid CD's so that when Meng comes out he doesn't get truck fucked by the 2 at once.
    This is very important if you are having troubles with your tank dying. Make sure healers heal him to 100% just as the maddening shout hits, and if possible use Shields (From Shadow Priest on Tank) and Hots ofc. After that, the Tank should use his own CDs to stay alive, and a Bear Tank has very good CDs.
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    our first kill of this we used a 2 tank setup (blood DK and prot pala), DK tanked first boss, pala took second for stun, then DK on third and pala on 4th and rotating personal cooldowns and taunting off while waiting on cooldowns coming back up, as far as healers go, resto shammies aren't that good becuase after qiang dies, everybody is spread out, so not only does their mastery get screwed, but the use of healing rain and such is useless, we use a disc priest and resto druid or holy priest and mistweaver monk just depends who is available at the time (mostly always have a priest healing though), as far as dps classes go, u have too many DoT classes, as mentioned above, have both warlocks use harvest life, try and avoid anything that leaves a DoT effect as it can and will kill ppl, also, make sure ur hunter is tranq shoting mengs enrage, and have a full interupt rotation on meng when he is at low energy, other than that, it is just gonna come down to pulling the boss and finding out what works best for ur setup, and working on timing for defensives and what u need to use when really.

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    Have a feral pop heart of the wild and tank the shadow boss when he hits 30%. Real tank can grab meng while raid burns the shadow guy.

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    We fixed those problems by 2 tanking it. Tank stopped dying in last transition and the tank aoe is the best for breaking mind control (it's actually both tanks and my healing spinning crane kick). Use any AOE that doesn't leave dots. We have bear swipe, mage arcane explosion and healing spinning crane kick and we swapped mage for prot paladin consecration instead. It has to be low damage aoe.

    Been out of the loop on warlocks for a while, but I suspect their rain of fire will be a wet noodle if they are not destro, so that could work, or hellfire.

    Having 2 tanks made us one shot the boss.
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    We had our first kill yesterday with 3 healers and 1 tank. Healers said it would be even possible with 2 Healers and one tank, but that depends on good your healers/tanks are. But I personally think that 1 tank 3 Healers is perfectly doable. Meanwhile the enrage should not be a problem anymore.

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    Why a 3rd healer? there is barely anything to heal in this fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Why a 3rd healer? there is barely anything to heal in this fight.
    In our case it was "just to make sure". I think we didn't have a good DPS left, so we had to decide between a weak DPS (we are currently equipping 2 new people) and a weak Healer. So we decided to go with 3 Healers. Enrage wasn't a problem anyway.

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    You should be getting every one of his casts it'll lower damage ramp up time (your tank should pick up meng and get the first two interrupts pummel and disrupting shout, with ranged ready for the next two), and lessen damage taken in the coward phase. If you are out of cooldowns on the tank you can kite him.
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