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    Lightbulb Shadow PVP- handling 5.2 and whats the deal?


    I just want a thread of clarification and tips moving into the final tweaks of patch 5.2.

    If some one could give some solid figures relating to shadow healing nerf that would be awesome. 20% reduction in FH, Renew, PoH and Binding Heal. With 25% healing increase contribution from PVP power. Is that correct?

    I also want to talk about talent and glyph set ups.

    Is Phantasm worth it outside of Vs Mage and DK set ups to avoid the stun/deep?
    I hardly see the point of 5 seconds of movement speed immunity to only move slow as hell anyway.
    With that in mind would it not be worth taking Body and Soul, maybe with the new Weakened Soul glyph and just MD out of slows/roots?

    It seems we'll have a less cookie cutter approach to glyph selection, most probably playing around with SW, Weakened Soul, Inner fire maybe even Leap of faith.

    Lets face it, we're not going to get anything to compensate for the nerfs.

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    20% is a flat reduction to all healing spells, including PW: S.

    The PvP Power is not 25%, but 25% of your current PvP Power also affects healing. So if you have 60% PvP Power (high but whatever), you get 25% of that as healing. So in this case you would get 15% bonus to healing from PvP Power.

    Phantasm was gutted, it's probably the biggest nerf so Shadow that's going through. As you said, B&S will likely be a better choice against most teams considering Priest's woeful mobility.

    All the glyphs you mentionned are potentials depending on what you're facing, and you can add in Inner Sanctum I guess. This is a good thing as it's what Blizzrd intended glyphs to be - a choice.

    The other major nerf you missed from your post is that the glyph of Mind Spike no longer works with instant Mind Spikes, which makes us even less mobile. This is a strange nerf as we already have less mobility and cast more than most other ranged. I can understand the survivability nerfs, but this one is just needless and strange.

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    I didn't realise PW:S gets the nerf too, I didn't see it mentioned.

    I've started playing without the glyph and no phantasm to see what it's like. It's manageable, SW against casting cc comps is nice. Yeah I've taken one or two more chaos bolts and charges to face, haven't gotten off so many clutch life swaps and MD's.
    In 3's not having the glyph isn't that bad, I don't find my self hard casting that much while still using crit > mastery. I'm wondering if its worth just using mastery > crit now for more procs? I know people are already using it, but crit scares people.

    Playing on the PTR: we need it back or one orb out of combat regen and spectral guise to be buffed allowing us to avoid the cc etc.

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