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    Uhm... Lightning forge locked to Wration Questline = nogo for alts???

    Simple question. What you think. Since one of the new Wrahtion quest lines is unlocking the lightning forge... Will you need to do this with your BS alt?

    That will be alot of alt grinding!!!

    Yes ii know, you could roll bs on your main, but really...

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    It will be the same with shadowmourne im assuming where the npc will ''craft'' it for you.
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    No, the lightning forge is not unlocked with the Wrathion quest. The Wrathion quest is just to wait until it is unlocked: the Lightning Forge is unlocked via daily quests on the Thunder Isle. So it's a server progress thing, similar to Quel'Danas.

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    Nice. Thx for answer.

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    You don't need to be a BS to use the forge.
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