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    Simple, raw list of the amount of mats required to level up all cooking ways.

    Asking here, as lazy as i am. Is there a simple list of how much of mats i need to level up all the ways from scratch?

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    Depends on your lvl if your able to enter pandaria there is a vendor at halfhill that have the mats to almost bring you to max lvl cooking just by buying the items, and getting maybe 40 golden carp from the ah, cheap fast and you pretty much doesn't even have to move.

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    I am level 90 and everything, my cooking currently is at like 560+ or something. But my understanding is that i have to level every way of the cooking individually, regardless of my cooking skill in the end. Correct? If so, i want a list for every way. Or just all of them in the same bunched up list.

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