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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    LFR definitely. Even though I don't use it.

    You have to look outside the box to understand the meaning of LFR. It means harder Normal and Heroic modes since now they don't have to really answer the "I'm a casual and I want to see the content" anymore.
    On the other hand that killed a lot of the more casual guild raiding groups.

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    I think the LFR and LFD tools broke the game. There used to be a benefit to having friends and guildies and being an overall nice guy who would get invited back into groups.. Now it's just sign up by clicking here and act like a complete douchebag once you're in, since you'll never ever (ever) meet those same people again. So who gives a shit? Ninja everything you can, you can make a nice profit out of selling those items that those other people needed badly. Ninjapull the boss and be done with it, it won't damage you or your reputation in any way.
    It ruined it for me, it really did. I miss the good old days where you'd get a bad reputation if you ninjalooted or committed some other atrocity.

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    flying mounts.

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    Transmogrification and CRZ.
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    Bgs - achivements - accountwide stuff

    Worst Lfr/lfd hate boosting afkers - like that in vanilla / tbc i knew alot of the players on the server for good and bad, now dont know anyone outside my 10man team

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeto View Post
    Bgs - achivements - accountwide stuff

    Worst Lfr/lfd hate boosting afkers - like that in vanilla / tbc i knew alot of the players on the server for good and bad, now dont know anyone outside my 10man team
    This is _exactly_ what I mean. You just don't know your server anymore... At all. And that's sad. It takes away a huge sense of purpose in the game, effectively making it worse (LFR/LFD trolls all over the place).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collected View Post
    Of all the features added to WoW since it launched, which do you rate the highest?

    For me personally it's the Dungeon Finder/Raid Finder tool. I can't even begin to imagine how we used to form groups back in the old days via the chat channels. The whole 'LF 1 DPS UBRS' type spamming until someone whispered you and the group was formed. And then waiting for the person to arrive at the dungeon. They of course had to be on your server too.

    Now you just queue, wait and viola. In some ways it's a shame you don't even have to talk to the other people now but ultimately I think it's a huge feature that changed the game for the better. If my memory serves me right it wasn't implemented until Wrath yet it feels like it's been around forever.

    So bravo Blizz for that.
    Item upgrades, flying, LF tool *not LFR* and achievements. Can't really choose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    yeah right like in Vanilla pvpers had to just work first week of a season and the last to keep their rank... oh wait no they had to work all the time....

    yeah right cause killing lowbies is wpvp roflmao
    how is lvl 30 killing other lvl 30s considered killing lowbies ? what exactly do you consider World pvp ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waltzinblack View Post
    Are you freaking kidding me?
    No, I'm not "freaking kidding" you.
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    Transmog and Achievements.

    Karma always has the last laugh.

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    Transmog, hands down. A reason to do old raids to prettify yourself.

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    Ah impossible to pick. But well its not voice chat atleast xD And I'm no fan of arena even if its fun time to time, but I rather had the pvp more focused on battlegrounds or other things.

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