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    5.2 PTR downloader issue

    So i downloaded PTR 5.2 installer ( after whiping out PTR when 4.2 got launched )

    So it says it has to download 22.6gb , all fine and dandy.
    Untill i hit the 11.0gb remaining mark, whenever i launch now it starts off at 2mb/sec , raising to 7, but a minute later it slowely drops to 0 and the launcher just says '' Total download remaining : 11.0gb ''

    I tried with and without peer2peer , run as admin and run without but it just does it over and over.
    Any solutions to this problem ? ( i also checked PTR status and the realms should have been back up for a few hours now , so it's not PTR being down atm )


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    just copy the .mpq files over from the regular version of wow to the ptr..skips 90% of the downloading instantly..It is how I ptr every time

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