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    [A][10m] Tabbed Out 9/16H LF Mage or Hunter

    Server: Stormrage (PvE) EST
    Faction: Alliance
    Progression: 6/6H MSV, 3/6H HoF, 4/4N ToES
    Raid Style: 10-man
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10PM to 1AM(EST)
    Website: http://www.tabbedoutguild.com

    About Us:
    Forming at the end of October, Tabbed Out is a guild that is out to prove that you can
    get things done with very little time investment. Although we're a newly formed guild
    the majority of our are players have been playing together for some time and are here
    to stay for the long haul. We're all mature players in our 20's and have a zero drama
    guild environment. In the small amount of raid time together we've come a long way as a
    guild and will only continue to push through content.

    We're looking for players that are very active and knowledgable about their class.
    Always coming to raids prepared for the night, showing up early and being ready to raid
    on time is a must. Many of our raiders are min/maxers and are constantly pushing the
    boundries of their class, and this is something you should want to do as well.

    Current Needs
    Mage - This is all we're missing for a very solid roster. Gear isn't an issue but you
    should be able to come in being able to perform on progression fights. This is a full time spot, we run a tight 10m roster and are looking to immediately fill.

    Hunter - Same as above, would really like to have a great hunter. Looking at 495+ geared to be able to compete on current progression.

    Feel free to contact us in-game at Vantro#1376, Melthyx#1564 or Option#1329 if you have any questions or visit our website and submit an application.
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    Still looking for a Mage. Full time spot, no bench BS.

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    Still need a mage.

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    Still looking for either.

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    Looking for either still

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    Get in for raid tomorrow!

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