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    5.2 Devilsaurs

    Does anyone know if the devilsaurs on this new map will be tameable?

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    Probably, I'd check petopia, they usually have the latest information on pets.

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    They are, the ones with the new skins are tameable on the Isle of Giants. However you can only tame the ones that aren't higher than lvl 90 of course, but that isnt an issue because the lvl 91's don't have different skin, they are just larger.

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    I check Petopia every other day, hoping to see some information on 5.2. They haven't updated with the new patch info. I don't even see anything about Direhorns. Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong spots though.

    Thank you Wlajanilu for giving me some info! What screenshots I've seen of the island (In my mind I call it Isla Sorna:WoW edition) have made me giddy over the possible new pet looks I lurf dinosaurs and it seems like there will be plenty of them!
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    It's a shame being drunk doesn't let you tame those higher level mobs XP

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    i hope yes... in tbc big devilsaurs was best thing ever. :P

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    I think you have to find that tome that lets you tame dinosaurs first.
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    Very likely that the new dinosaurs are all tameable, the Direhorns however only being available after getting the tome from Dinomancer mobs.

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