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    Do you think that Jaina is going to be the next "Global Villan"

    I mean, that is typical of blizzard, have a hero and corrupt him/her to become a global villan, like Arthas in WC3 and Kerrigan from the Starcraft universe, another example should be the "wanderer" from diablo 2 which was the "hero" of the first Diablo game

    What do you think, is blizzard planning to become Jaina the next global villan of World of Warcraft by using his anger and desires of vengance to become something like the lich king?

    This new hatred against the Horde is very similar to Arthas trying to destroy the scourge when he was a human.

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    the odds are there. But it would be stupid for someone like her, who is a master of the mind and should know better. Unless the white hair really affected her brain....
    My prediction is, she will die sacrificing herself for the Horde and the Alliance. Maybe against the legion or so, she'll turn herself into a mana bomb.
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