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    DW windfury = double procs?

    is this now true or do they still share a IGCD?

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    I'm not sure but you shouldn't really be using windfury on both weapons due to the various abilities that call for you using flametongue on your offhand like searing flames and lavalash.

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    fairly certain windfury still has an IGCD, so 2x windfury is still a bad idea.

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    Due to Windfurys ICD, using it on both weapons is a DPS loss compared to Windfury + Flametounge.
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    fairly certain windfury still has an IGCD, so 2x windfury is still a bad idea.
    Have to agree. Not enough procs to make it worth while.

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    Isn't it so that the ICD is around 2.4 seconds? Last time I played dual-wield windfury was early TBC as a noobie ;-)

    I was told to get two slow 2.6 weapons....it was very viable back then, like having only a two-hander as enhance. I wish two-handed enhance would be introduced again^^

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    ICD is 3 seconds, I'm not sure if it's reduced by haste. You also lose a ton of damage from Lava lash when you dont use Flametongue. Double windfury was good whent here was no ICD and windfury procs could proc windfury

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    It's 3 seconds and not reduced, the bigger reason is indeed that flametongue does a LOT more damage than it did in the old days.

    Last I heard it worked out to WF being proccing on 28 vs 40% of hits with dual wield, but that would have been a long time ago now and is likely a bit off. Regardless your offhand windfuries are going to use your offhand damage unless the mechanics change also made it count mainhand (doubt it).

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