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    Protectors 10er Heroic

    Hi we are going to try this encounter today and i am not sure about the setup and how to deal with the stacks/interrupts.

    Tank: Pala or Warri
    Heal: Not sure if 2 or 3 heal Shamy, Priest, Druid
    Dps: Arcane, Affli, Moonkin, Shadow, Hunter, Enhancer, DK, Warri,

    I thought about 2 melees Enhancer+X and the tank for interrupting the waterbolt and the range dds the lighningbolt if possible and Shadow+Affli, Moonkin or Arcane to deal with the adds.
    It is obvious that the two person for the adds should gain the first stacks but i am not sure how we should deal with the other persons. Maybe 3(Adds)/3(highest dps)/3(Melees)/3(Tank+last dps in case of 2 healers)?

    For any information and advice about our comp and how to deal with the stacks/interrupts i would be very greatful.

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    1tank 2heal 7dps - Only interrupt waterbolts, lightningbolts give the tank vengeance and allows him to outdeal any DD, they are not an issue anyway. Give the first 3 or 5 buffs (depends on how you want to handle the stacks) to the classes with dots, Warlock/Shadow/Moonkin are the best for this and will boost your overall dps since the adds die from multidotting after a few stacks.

    We are doing some weird rotation but it works:
    Group 1 to 5
    Group 2 to 5
    Group 1 to 6
    Group 3 to 5
    Group 2 to 6
    Group 1 to 9
    Group 3 to 6
    Group 2 to 9
    Group 3 to 9

    You can also go with 3/3/3 6/6/6 9/9/9 and the rest to the one who doesnt have stacks. Interrupts are very easy and you just need 4 people for it and a rotation, the hardest part is to be disciplined enough to keep that rotation going, its almost a safe wipe if a waterbolt is going through in the last phase. Also kicking while the Corrupted Waters is up needs a bit of concentration since its a 1sec cast.

    Not sure about your comp, warrior really scale well with vengeance because of Shield Barrier. Everyone should be able to tank it tho. We healed it with Priest/Shaman when our paladin wasn't available and we had no problems with keeping up people.

    Almost forgot: The most important part on this fight is probably a warlock in 10man, highest percentage slow and is MUCH needed for that fight if you first starting to progress it.
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    I don't have any experience with this fight on 10 man (don't get me wrong, I do have experience on 10 man raiding in general) but in our 25 man group Hunters were absolutely amazing at keeping the adds under control. I reckon if you take the Hunter and put him on the adds by himself you can have everyone else just focus fire the boss down and dispel and interrupt the important things.

    In the final ''phase'' when there is only one protector up we had several range DPS switch to the rapidly spawning adds and made sure very few of them got through, then burned him down with Bloodlust/Heroism completely ignoring the last few adds aside from the Hunters slowing them down.

    I know 10 and 25 man aren't the same thing but I hope this helped you out a bit.
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    We found letting our prot paladin get stacks first gave us the highest single target damage, as he was beating all our dps by around 100K on kaolon (on pure damage). I would recommend taking a shaman and disc priest for this, and prot paladin tanking. We did our stacks like this:
    Prot paladin/melee to 3
    Range/Range to 3
    Range/Range to 3
    Prot paladin/melee to 6
    Range/Range to 6
    Range/range to 6
    Then to 8, then let your remaining 2 dps take all the rest of the stacks, as it should easily be in the last phase by the time 3 groups get 8 stacks.

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    you can solo tank this with a pally and with 2 healer's as long as your pally tank is hit cap exp cap and going for haste using the battle healer glyp and using the healing seal but the tank will be able to do a shit ton of tank and should be able to keep up the healing out put on the healers although i havent manged to test this yet to give full prove that it will work but it may be some thing to try if your tank and mellee are get the stacks first plus you have a good comp of cds to use which will make it work

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    Each group to 3 then 6 then 9, except healers. Healers goto 9 at end. Stop killing when everyone gets 9. Kill boss before he gets 5 stacks or whatever.

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    We killed this boss with the following comp:

    Prot Paladin
    Holy Paladin
    WW Monk
    Frost DK
    Feral DPS

    We then decided to do group and do the stack rotation in this order:
    Group 1: Warlock / Spriest
    Group 2: Prot Pally / Feral DPS
    Group 3: Mage / Hunter
    Group 4: Rogue / Frost DK

    We assigned the warlock and spriest to killing adds and stacking the buff in this order:
    G1(3) - G2(3) - G3(3) - G1(6) - G2(6) - G3(6) - G1(8) - G2(8) - G3(8) - G4(3) - G1(9) - G2(9) - G3(9) - G4(9) - Healers

    It is vital to get stacks on the tank and add killers as soon as possible. The add killers to make the fight run smoother, and to the tank because he SHOULD be top DPS because of the insane vengeance he gets. After that we stacked according to highest single target dps and involvement in the interrupt rotation.

    We had the rogue/feral/DK interrupting water bolts (with healers helping if needed), and let the prot paladin interrupt as many lightning bolts as he could.

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