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    What your time played in wow.

    As the title say, what is your /played in wow across your account(s)?

    I thought it be fun to see how much time I invested(wasted?) in wow up till today.
    I downloaded Altoholic to keep track of my chars and what they have, it also tracks your time played ( must log in to that char to it to be registered)

    On my main account, I have 666 days played, tho have 3 accounts , 2 on EU and 1 on US servers. When i saw this number I was a bit shocked.

    so what about you ? Ashamed of your massive /played in wow ?
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    My old account I had since 2005 was hacked and locked, so I couldn't really say. All I know is that the ammount of played time is around 2 years.
    Not ashamed about it, but it's kind of crazy to have spent 7-8% of my life in a single game lol.

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    When I began playing WoW me and my friends would brag about who had the most played x] However, when most friends quit and I got burned out (early wotlk) I've been very casual ever since.. played time: 270 days. Around 100 days each on the two mains I've had, and the rest spread amongst alts.
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    I never look at mine since it makes me feel bad . I started in Vanilla so i have a depressing amount.
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