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    damage scales partially fixed


    In TBC we were introduced to resilience, a few expansions later, MoP, we got familiar with PvP Power.

    PvP power boosts our damage(physical/magic/healing) in PvP zones(BG's/RBG's/Contested Area's and Arena's).

    The game we play has been 8 years old and never before has damage been of such an issue in pvp.

    The damage scales are too high because of the high damage needed for pve and blizzard doesn't seem to be able to work that out.

    Well, I might think that I got a solution or let's say a idea that might be able to be worked out more by people who got experience in developing this game.

    Recently healing in pvp got nerfed and hybrids no longer benefit from pvp power for heals the way we should.

    Could we not adjust the damage done also to pvp zones?


    Mortal strike

    Hits the mob for 1000

    PVP(arena/rbg/bg/contested area's):
    Hits the player for 500(+ xx% pvp power)

    So blizzard makes pvp power more useful then it is already and the damage in PvP would be lowered(something we all want)

    Ofcourse not every spell should get the same reduction, simply for the fact that if you would nerf everything by, let's say, 50% we would be on the same lvl as we are now.

    So spells should be adjusted individually by blizzard, the benefit from pvp power should be the same though.

    Depending ofcourse if you fight NPC's or players(while lvling/worldpvp/dailies), the damage should viary.

    Any thoughts about other members?

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    There are a couple of different issues at work here, I'll try to touch on what I think are the most important:

    1. Blizz can't, or doesn't care to, make PvP keep up with PvE.

    The game is made with PvE in mind, and PvP is merely an afterthought. Changes to PvE, i.e. balancing the damage/healing meter race as well as the introduction of "fun [sic]" new legendaries, trinkets etc. constantly deal crippling blows to the already pitiful efforts made to keep PvP from spiraling out of control entirely.

    2. No functioning interrupt system

    This is why simply reducing damage by x% won't solve the problem. It would just make healers too strong. Since the interrupt system in WoW is based on cooldowns (school lock, silence), you get a certain time frame in which you can kill your target (e.g. when you just successfully locked a healer out of their healing school) or, vice versa, a certain time frame in which you can get your target back up (e.g. in between lock-outs). Another attempt at solving this was to inflate the amount of health players have, which Blizz tried and failed to do with Cataclysm. But if they had succeeded it would just have resulted in another kind of arms race, DPS vs. HPS, i.e. dicking around until the healers run out of mana.

    3. Too much crowd control

    This is the primary reason why PvP gets worse with every expansion. Blizz just keeps adding more and more abilities. The game has too many different types of CC (resulting in CC-Chains) and most of them are too easy to apply and too hard to counter; plus there's the horrible system of Diminishing Returns which allows people to chain the exact same kind of CC.

    4. Instanced boxed PvP

    This is the magnifying glass. Aside from it being lazy and bad design, as well as a tremendous disservice to actual PvP, it also exacerbates existing problems. By stuffing PvP into a box even slight balancing issues become immediately noticeable, like potholes in a car with broken dampers.

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