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    Assassination and sparks on elegon

    I recently switched specs to assassination from combat. I was wondering best way to get some quick damage on my spark. Should I pool enough energy for 2 muts and an envenom? How much should I lay off boss waiting for my next spark to have enough time to kill it? Thanks guys

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    Some general tips are to pool energy for a couple envenoms. Must most importantly, save your dispatch procs for the sparks.

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    I mostly just let rupture always ticking on elegon and switch to spark when they come they have rather low heath you dont realy need to do much to kill them even on heroic. And I save dispatch procs.

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    i try to have about 80% of my energy bar filled when a spark is about to come out and it works fine. when i started elegon i was 474 level with 2 pieces of pvp and was still able to get them down. I had one situation where I had to vanish/ambush with shadow focus.

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    Keep a rupture on elegon and pool energy for sparks. Even if you cap energy before the sparks come out it's fine. Killing the sparks > more damage on elegon during that phase. When the spark comes you just mut, mut, use any dispatch procs and envenom. It will be dead or very close to it by that point.

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    Don't use rupture on the sparks, they don't count as "mobs who die" so you won't gain energy from remaining ticks when they die.
    Try to keep rupture on Elegon and save energy for the sparks, nothing more to do. As already pointed out, saving a dispatch is always a good idea.

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    The best thing you can do is anticipate the next set of sparks and get your energy ready. Make sure you have Rupture or Garrote rolling on the boss so you can keep Venemous Wounds giving you energy while you are attacking the spark. The best way to handle the spark directly is hit it with Mutilate or two, depending on Blindside procs, and finish it with an Envenom. Rogues can sometimes lack burst with low procs or bad energy regen, so having one of your tanks always assisting you on your add is going to help. Your raid should be assigning 1 person to a spark as well, so don't have everyone mass DOTing each of them.

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    Just pool energy and save your Dispatch procs, you can do reasonable damage. You should be able to get a 5 point envenom on each spark and do good damage.

    The thing to remember is that this phase is about killing the sparks and not doing damage to the boss, but try to have a Rupture going on the boss if you can.

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    for the first spark i open with a Crimson tempest using combo points on the boss, but if i switch targeting to my spark before casting it transfers anticipaton stacks to the spark, meaning i can go ct -> 5pt envenom and from there it can die just from autos due to all that time with a 5pt envenom buff. meaning u have already pooled energy for switch back to elgalon or ready for seocnd spark ( i normaly get a quick rupture on elgalon at that point) not often enough time on 3-4th spark but makes first 2 stupidly fast to kill.
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    One thing that i do is to make a 5 CP Rupture right before the first spark comes, and have full pooled energy, and just take it from there.
    Sometimes i save Vanish CD and pop Garrote right before the third or firth spark, cant remember exactly.
    Sparks are dying so fast now when whole guild is geared so i almost always leave it at 15%, (25man), pop feint/running out to reset to let dots/poison kill the rest.

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