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    WeakAuras: Duration + Spell CD in one icon

    Hey, this is mainly for PTR since TellMeWhen crashes my client and I've swapped to WA for all of my rotation stuff. I'd like to copy the setup I have for TMW on live in a Dynamic Group in WA.

    This is how my live setup looks like:

    Essentially: one group with 4 icons:
    1) Tiger Power duration (easy)
    2) FoF CD (easy)
    3) RSK CD (107428) + debuff (130320) duration on target
    4) Tigereye Brew stacks (125195) + buff (116740) duration on me.
    Is this possible when using a Dynamic Group, or will I have to make a separate group with text displays showing the additional text on the icons? (Spell IDs included if that helps)

    Appreciate any help.
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    Should work with two dynamic groups, you might have to create some invisible icons to get the offset synched.

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