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    What do Prot Warriors have over Guardians?

    I'm looking to play as an RBG Tank once 5.2 hits, currently i'm sitting on a 90 druid who i dinged 90 within a week of mops release then quit playing, and as a main tank druid, i'm fairly versed on how the druid plays, what it has to offer, etc, but i'm not as informed on the warrior.

    They seem to be the two tanks that most RBG groups want, i assume because they have some sort of defense against casters, and Death knights survivability is dependant on being able to actually hit the target, meaning a snare gimps them, and well, paladins mobility is pretty crap.

    So, with all that said, i'm just hoping to get a basic weigh down on what Warriors have over guardians in terms of utility, talents, etc, for example, how well does the Warrior mobility fare over that of the Passive run speed a druid can offer, ontop of being able to break out of roots/snares? Are the charges suitable enough? The upcoming change to shockwave seems like quite a big hit in terms of survivability, and the change to druids mastery seems quite hefty, 20% extra armor per Mastery instead of 1.5% is a hell of a change.


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    AoE slow if you spec into Piercing Howl
    AoE snare if you choose Staggering Shout
    Shockwave which is an AoE stun on a short cooldown(still good when 5.2 hits)
    Ways to mitigate magic damage through Barrier which is an absorbtion shield, and you know absorbs>heals
    Mobility through Intervene/safeguard, charge, heroic leap
    Avatar breaking roots and snares or stormbolt for a another stun on one target
    Demo banner and rallying cry for the team aswell as skull banner

    That's what I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure anyone more experienced in RBG's could fill in. Feels like Warriors might be superior to Guardian Druids in RBG's. I can't know for sure though since I don't RBG myself.

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    Seems they're on a fairly equal footing then, where the Guardian offers more mobility, the Warrior offers more Utility, i have to agree though, it feels like the warrior does offer slightly more than the druid, the AoE snare can be invaluable, especially as it can't be dispelled, that could prove very useful.

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    Never have problems with warriors tanks in RBGs, being a warrior myself. It's easy to counter everything he throws at you, and it's easy to stick to him. While druird uses the whirlwind thing, escapes any slows, and his damage is high, as well as his heal. I suggest sticking with the druird.

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