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    Diablo 3 Gold price Drop over night!!

    Guys people have lost bajillions of monies!!

    An undocumented and unannounced change to the RAMH!!! Gold prices have plummeted!!!
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    Why would you lock it, this is proper news!

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    Because the person in the vid seem like a dick laughing like that. More useful would have been a proper news clip than someone laughing this much about it :P

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    You are not serious, are you?
    You spend 5 minutes talking and moving your mouse around to say that gold price dropped after patch?

    Next time you are going to make a similar video, write down the text you are going to say. You'll see that all the information you really can pass to a viewer can be fit into one-two simple, informative sentences.

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    Dang. That explains the price change in gems too - also I instantly sold 62m, didn't notice the change in price, but yeah. I don't play anymore so it's fine.
    But lol @ prices now. Goes as low as 0.09 /1m

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    Please do not advertise here.

    That said, it only seems to have affected EU prices. NA prices are at 27c right now.

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    This is not CNN, i am a gamer who noticed a very big problem with a game on patch day, the result of which was people having a very bad day.

    I have no desire to pose as some sort of reporter when clearly i am not. I am just a gamer like most who enjoys laughing at people who invest large amounts of money in a fictional currency. Yes i am a dick in that way, but other than having a good sense of humor i am a nice guy, i mean come on if you don't laugh at stuff like that then your going to cry.

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    How, exactly, is it "a big problem"? Also, "I am a dick, but other than that I am a nice guy"...what? I agree with others. If you're going to report something, do so in a manner where people will actually want to hear what you have to say. You strike me as more Bill O'Reilley than Tom Brokaw. Guess which one of the two I'd be far more inclined to watch.
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    This thread should probably just be locked, as this was just a bug on EU that was already hotfixed.
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