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    Hate to say it but I think this might of gone better in Cataclysm then anytime soon. I'll also say again, for the underwater zone haters.

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    I like that their sea-kingdoms or whatever rises to the surface. Underwater zones are cool, but only in small doses.

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    Pictures are pretty cool, but the overall concept, I am not a fan of. Sorry. JMO though.

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    Nagas attacking the shores everywhere on Azeroth would make a nice Pre-Xpac Event.

    Ny'alotha should be a Raidinstance though.
    There are plenty of other places for leveling and questing in a "Waterbased" Xpac. Tel Abim, Kul Tiras (which is under Siege by the Naga), Broken Isles (including Suramar and Tomb of Sargeras), Plunder Isles (for some Pirate Action, maybe as a Sanctuary Zone).

    New races could be High Elves for the Alliance who survived in Exile on Kul Tiras and maybe some Renegade Nagas for Horde.

    Lots of potential definately but still i prefer Burning Legion as next Xpac...

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    Considering the trademark filed today, this expansion idea is actually quite possible.

    We'll for sure know next week if it ends up being the D3 expansion but if not I'm quite excited.

    I'm planning on updating this sometime today though hopefully due to the occasion.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    I would absolutely love to see an expansion like this! The concept of exploring the Naga homeland and finally facing off against Azshara + N'zoth would be nothing short of epic! However, I would rather the Alliance foothold be Kul'tiras as opposed to Dalaran. Zandalar would work for the Horde. The introductory quest chains could possibly involve the new leader of Kul'tiras sending an SOS to the Alliance and Rastakhan sending some troll ambassadors to request Vol'jin and the Horde to come to their aid.

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    Forgot I wrote this a year ago, but might be a great time to update it considering the possible legitimacy of Eye of Azshara.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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