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    a question about envenom and not capping expertise

    hey guys,

    i know a lot of rogues do not cap expertise (i do cap it so i never really had this problem) but if you have 9+ CP and your envenom gets doged what are you supposed to do?
    clip envenom to just spend the 5 combo points or do you just let it auto attack and pool up even more energy (seeing as you should have pooled already for the dodged envenom) or do you do something else entirely

    i'm asking because im thinging of changing my reforges to go full on mastery and neglect expertise but i'm not sure off how to handle things like this yet
    so if there are other things i should know if i neglect my expertise cap

    many thanks in advance

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    I think the general consensus is:

    If you are low energy, just pool it and wait till the last minute to envenom again
    If you are high energy, hit the envenom straight away (or recup or something if healers need help )

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    The way I always look at it, is that energy and combo points are your damage. The Envenom buff is merely a tool to enhance your damage. Capping or losing out on energy or combo points is something you should avoid at all costs even if you spam Envenom and get 20 dodges in a row. Keep spamming, you don't want to lose your precious energy.
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    What Bovan said. Overlapping Envenom buff in order to land Envenom damage is more important, in this one specific case.
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    This is why Anticipation is the best thing to ever happen to Rogues. You wont to do everything you can to avoid hitting 120 energy and/or 10 combo points. When you say a lot of Rogues aren't capping expertise, you're mistaken. If you look at all the top Rogues, it's just too easy to get 2550 expertise in good gear, and it's helpful too. I've experimented with low and high expertise, and it really wont impact your DPS that much, but it wont work for every fight. Some fights you may end up facing the enemy a lot (like the add on Sha platforms) and there's just no big reason to not cap expertise, AFTER you get all the mastery you can. Going for more haste or crit wont give you that big of a boost in DPS over more expertise. Pooling energy is fine, and I don't know why everyone makes such a big thing about it, but as long as you don't cap your energy or combo points, you're fine. If you use Envenom and it brings you down to 20 energy, but you didn't land it, let the buff go before you throw off another, unless you need to reapply Rupture or your Slice and Dice is about to fall off.

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