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    Stumped while Reforging

    So I've been reforging again now that I've gotten back into raiding. On WoWReforge the results say it can get me to 2550 hit/exp. I did the prospected changed and I'm still over the hitcap. I log out and refresh everything on WoWReforge to double check if I reforged everything the way I'm supposed to. Everything checks out. However, in game it says I have 2596 hit. I can't figure out where the 46 hit is coming from.

    WoWReforge: http://www.wowreforge.com/US/Turalyon/Gahlo
    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Gahlo/advanced

    Also, in my time off of WoW, I forgot how to find stat weights.

    Edit: Yes, I know I'm missing a couple enchants and beltbuckle.

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    You upgraded your bow. You need to click the item and add the new stats instead of the old ones to reflect the change in stats.

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    wowreforge doesn't officially support item upgrades yet. Thus you have to modify them yourself.

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