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    Arms Warrior Are We That OP Blizz?

    Well its Always the same with blizz nerfs nerfs Just enjoy the class guys not much you can do. Heres A Bg farming hope you enjoy it.

    Many Thanks in Advance.


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    I'unno. I don't feel that OP on my arms warrior. Then again I haven't PvP'd on a warrior since early Cata.

    Could be? That guy sorta makes it look as such. But there are probably a few variables.

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    We are far from OP, Avatar egts nerfed, TSB gets nerfed then nerfed then completly Redesigned, Overpower requires rage now, Deadly calm is removed, Second wind is Nerfed, What we rely on shield Wall and rallying such big cds. Why not just lower some damage, we are only good when we stack our 5 min CDs and do damage. This video was just fun to show people how enjoyable it is to play.

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    I wish Blizzard has decided to take the Deadly Calm of Cata and made it our third tier six talent instead of Stormbolt. Avatar, Bloodbath and Deadly Calm.

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    Agree I just personally find stormbolt weak for a Last tier talent

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    Ye stormbolt is just weak for last tier talent. Rather have bladestorm swapped with it...
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
    Ye stormbolt is just weak for last tier talent. Rather have bladestorm swapped with it...
    Oh hai fellow Nottinghammer. I don't know the standard term so that will do.
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    Also a vegetable is a person.
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    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    As for the video it's a warrior with a dedicated healer following him around in battlegrounds. We've always been strong in that situation, but I feel like in most other situations we're kind of mid tier.

    I liked the video, though it was just farming undergeared people in battlegrounds. It's always been fun to watch a warrior with a healer behind him/her go nuts in battlegrounds even back in Vanilla/BC.

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    YEs that was the point really just some fun farming. Yes we aint the greatest at surviving and taking away major abilitys or nerfing them to the ground is just the trend blizz has always had against us warriors.

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