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    Amazing rogue set. Best one I've seen in a good while.

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    i wonder if Shaman and Warlock tier model preview are still missing their belt.

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    Dear Blizzard; just use the new model for all of the Frogs. They looks absolutely TERRIBLE, currently.

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    Druid set looks amazing i cant say the same about mage set.

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    "You made the tree and scorn us for using it to our advantage? Shame on you. We r suppose to manage mana right?
    So under that logic if you found a way to keep your crit rate at 100% and we fixed it, that is scorning you? "

    Wow Greg is as bad as Jay Wilson. They openly told everyone Arcane was intended for managing mana and that's what people are doing. There is no tree where keeping 100% crit rate was announced as intended so that analogy is just terrible.

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    Old frog is better.

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    From his responses to the questions I have finally decided that Greg Street is infact, an absoloute joke.

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    I don't know if i like the Rogue T15, usualy when I see a black hoddie and dreadlocks I feel like Im in the neighborhood.

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    Just curious. Does anyone else have issues with 'crazy monster helms'? I miss being able to see my characters face without having to entirely disable my helm. The monk helm is awesome. I can see eyes. This is a plus. It makes it look like there's actually something in there.

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    Looks like the team behind rogue Tier has been playing to much LoL. It looks almost exactly like on of the LOL champions.

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    Incredibly excited for any update they bring to battle pets, and maybe I'll actually bother playing with other people again now than they bring new pets to raids!

    New frog model looks awesome, but it sucks that they won't use it for older frogs.. I have too many of those ugly-looking things.

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    That's the worst rogue set ever.

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    why does blizzard make balance changes from one extreme to another.
    Any examples? I feel most of our balance changes are pretty modest. They are often 10 to 20% swings. (Source)

    And 20% isn´t a huge swing? I´d give Glyph of dark succor + DS being made pretty much useless for PvP for frost + UH in 1 change as an example. That was pretty big.

    Boomkins nuke (can´t remember name, the one that could pop as instant casts) was also castrated due to PvP while mages were shatter comboing people no problem. Seem to remember the Bommie spell took quite the hit.

    I´m sure other classes can come up with even better examples.

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    Wondering how the war tier 15 will look like.. Hopefully awesome

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    All of the moonkin changes so far are minimal. They nerfed starfall and have decided to fix it again in 5.2 so that balanc has something on the board. When asked if Moonkins were being ignored, the reply was 'Ignored is a term we forgot about expansions ago'. That was in Novemeber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprucelee View Post
    Old frog is better.
    I hope you're a kid. That behavior of lying to flame is not worth of an adult.

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    I cannot understand what there art direction is for this expansion in regards to rogues.. even cata I felt the same way. maybe im just to old school and haven't liked anything since wotlk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin240 View Post
    The design of the rogue set seems kind of familiar. Can't remember where I've seen it though.
    I agree! In fact, it almost has a vanilla WoW vibe to it...

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    Anybody else thinking 'collector' when looking at the rogue set?

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    Rogue set looks a little bland, in my honest opinion, and kinda shaman-ish where it isn't. I kinda like the white one though, it looks a little like Assassin's Creed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melilithia View Post
    Dear Blizzard; just use the new model for all of the Frogs. They looks absolutely TERRIBLE, currently.
    Agreed. Use the new model, make a new skin for each color frog.

    In my honest opinion, they should be treating mounts and pets the same as mobs. When they get a new, updated model (like the gryphon or wyvern) share it with the rest, with a previously unavailable skin color as the new reward (Like maybe a saddled Black Gryphon?).
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