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    How about a new Ghost Wolf model instead of frogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iindigo View Post
    I agree! In fact, it almost has a vanilla WoW vibe to it...
    if they made a new 5 man dungeon set this is what it would look like.

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    Thrall told he likes the new frog-model too !

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    The kitties need an update, too! And every other vanilla pet, but preferably the kitties first..

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    That rogue model looks damn nice.
    I was expecting the new frog companions to have a new model tbh ^^ Glad to see it happened. Would be nice seeing more older pets get updated.

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    Jeebus Creebus at the Druid t15....everything else pales in comparison IMO....I mean butterflies AND spider???? It's like warlock head wings all over again

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    Wooot, that frog looks damn epic !

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    That rogue tier look neat!

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