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    Can we bring 'throwing' weapons back?

    I'm not really clear on why they were ever gone, and with all the changes since then we could just bring them back with stats similar to guns and bows and crossbows, shouldn't we?
    Twas brillig

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    Well, they would have to re-implement the ranged slot again. Can't imagine hunters using throwing weapons. And if few classes are getting their ranged slot back, that would mean that Relics would have to be brought back as well. Then distribute meaningful amount of throwing weapons/relics all over the world. That's quite a lot of work for very little gain.

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    Because they had no use

    What warrior did you see using a throwing weapon as his/her main weapon?

    What rogue did you see using a throwing weapon as his/her main weapon?

    It just inflated stats that did not need to be there. As with relics etc and so on

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    Classes that used throwing weapons (Warriors, Rogues) got a replacement ability for the loss. However they were removed because they weren't used for their functions, but for their stats. Similar to casters with wands, hunters with melee weapons, etc. Relics were at least interesting, because they added a bonus to spells for their respectful classes.

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    Shuriken toss and stormbolt are good enough.

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    The only thing thrown weapons were really interesting for was changing the visual of Fan of Knives.

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