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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    What ?! Dks are the squishiest melee class. Sure they rock at steamrolling undergeared noobs and people focusing on other people but in 1v1 they lack tools and any kind of defenses, making them pretty bad for duels and wpvp against equally geared opponents.
    Nah, I find our defenses to be balanced within the context of our overall package. 50% heal every 2 minutes, stun break on a (glyphed) 1.5 minute cooldown, and fear break/self-heal on a 2 minute cooldown, and AMS on a 45 second cooldown that absorbs 75% of spell damage (100% if glyphed). I don't feel like we are really lacking in the defensive department, although we are brittle by design when those cooldowns aren't available. It's a necessary weakness for sure, but I don't consider it too terrible a hindrance.
    Armories: Death Knight / Paladin
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    Stop dating strippers.
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    Kleinlax21 who is on your 'side' had no problem doing so.He also doesn't need to attack me in literally every sentence he types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kleinlax21 View Post
    OP, I'd suggest you first find out what you want to do. Narrow your choices down by picking what you like about certain playstyles.

    Example: Do you want to DPS or heal? Ok, DPS. Melee DPS or Ranged DPS? Ok, melee. Dual-Wield or 2-Hander? Ok, 2-hander. Arms Warrior, DK, or Ret Paladin? Ok, Death Knight. Unholy or Frost spec?

    That's my suggestion at least. Also, don't roll flavor of the month classes/specs at all costs! Better to be slightly OP for an expansion flying under the nerf radar than be blatantly OP for one season and neutered the rest of the expansion

    Very true. One class comes to mind for me.

    I enjoy dpsing and battlegrounds mixed with world pvp. I think that I will go with a Rogue. I can pick a fight when I want and vanish when I bite off more than I can chew. hehe

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    If some1 is good i think rogues are most fun. So many ways to play with the opponent and just be annoying. You can really make the enemy feel desperate. Unfortunatelly im not good on my rogue

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    Or maybe not a Rogue.... check out this post I found from today in the Rogue forums :/

    How true is this about the class?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    Don't waste your time.

    By far, this is the most frustrating class to play in PvE (and I hear it's not too hot in PvP either). Dailies are painful and slow, dungeons/lfr I'm doing nothing half the time because "not enough energy" times a million.

    It's really ridiculous. I have to kill things one (or at most two at a time as combat) while I see other classes multi pull and finish in half the time. On my affliction warlock, I throw up four sets of dots, CC/let the void tank and mobs just melt. Class is trash and extremely gear dependent (to the point where being a fresh or even ilvl463 geared rogue is very painful). I don't know why you'd want one in your raid.

    PvP I have no idea about since I don't PvP (another gear dependent exercise in frustration).
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    Prot warrior.

    Rated BGs

    The goal is always straight forward for each map but difficult to achieve with the amount of utility every other class has in this game. On node maps defending a node from anyone is often a challenge many fail at. It's extremely satisfying to fluster my opponent. For CTF maps the goal is simply to live and go from one end of the field to the back to the other. Kiting opponents is often fun and once again knowing how frustrating it can be for them makes it satisfying.

    As a side note, there are few people capable of being patient enough to excel in this role.

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    Feral in any situation. Won't change at 5.2 although we'll be beyond crappy for PvP.

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    Pre MOP (MM) Hunter in RBG's and BG's. Took skill to succesfully kite and kill melee, took skill to kill casters (well maybe not Mages).

    Nowdays I just mash my keyboard and watch stuff die.

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    Unholy DK, actually requires braincells unlike frost and i love melee + dots lol
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    You not gamer, you go play your boring "Real life" with crappy graphics'n stuff! You cant even do Quests, dungeons and BGs in "IRL" :s
    "The ship of failure floats on a sea of excuses."

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    I tend to go with more melee for pvp I have always liked Rogue and Warrior play style.

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    Warrior, only class I ever cared to get above average at.
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    Muh main

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzy View Post
    Unholy DK, actually requires braincells unlike frost and i love melee + dots lol
    Not only braincells but patience and, preferably, 2 brains and 3 arms.
    Sorry, having a ludicrous rotation and stuff to do, doesn't mean a class is for pros, it just means it's for masochists.

    Or you can just reroll sub rogue. Equally retarded amount of things to do.

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    My favourite class is prot warrior, it migth not be a very wise choise for pvp but for me is fun.

    Btw i only play ramdom no time for more.
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    lock / mage / priest

    i like casters 'cause i like to run from my problems.

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    Rogue has been my go-to PVP class since 2005.

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    Got rogue and shadow priest at 90.

    Mostly doing randoms, some few RBGs (with OQ) and very rarely, arena, because I'm a truly bad arena player.

    And I love my rogue. Sure, I was in a dark spot with shiity weapons, but it's improved with 2 x Miniature Winter Weil Tree daggers, and this week, I'll get me T1.

    It's just something ... I dunno, enthralling, about being able to sneak past people and stab them from the shadows. Sadly, I much prefer to kill alliance rather than doing that stupid "ninja capping". I'm not good at it, I don't like it and that's pretty much the only reason rogues are brought to RBGs. I'm a rogue, not a stupid overhyped asian culture character. The only reason I'd need lockpicking skills would be to break into your house and ruthlessly murder you. Oh wait, I'm getting a bit RP here, and I don't even like RP :|

    And rogues are even more fun in the lowest brackets of pvp, where you can one/two/three shot people. A pussy? Yes. A coward. Very much indeed. Do I care? No. Unless, ofc, you're a priest or druid in which case your chances of survival are great.

    tl;dr. Rogue. Shadows. Kill you. Fun.

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    My geared rogue at end of Cata...2v1? no problem. So fucking imba with the CC control, self heals, and DOT damage. I was subtlety, and didn't even spec into shadow dance. It was all about Garrot, the dot poison, hemo for building combo points fast (and the bleed increase/damage with glyph) and Rupture. With all cooldowns available, I could usually go 3v1 and kill someone before I died (if all 3 were non-healing classes).
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    Holy pally is the way that I roll. I feel in tune with the light and I am very judgmental!

    I have pvped on mage/rogue/Dk/spriest/warrior, but I always end up coming back to my Pally full time. More fulfilling and I feel like I contribute more. Besides, if I'm not healing, it never feels like I get good healers in my bgs.

    Thanks to Shiri


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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    Not only braincells but patience and, preferably, 2 brains and 3 arms.
    Sorry, having a ludicrous rotation and stuff to do, doesn't mean a class is for pros, it just means it's for masochists.

    Or you can just reroll sub rogue. Equally retarded amount of things to do.
    hehe my two ''mains'' are unholy death knight and sub rogue. ^^

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    MM hunter mad skillz for life
    "Druid must be boss, Hunter is just Drain-monkey.

    Hunter scatter this rogue.
    Hunter drain that priest.
    Hunter where is frost trap. Bad Hunter! No banana!
    Hunter where is flare? No flare, you get replaced by retarded warrior!"


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