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    Better to be slightly OP for an expansion flying under the nerf radar than be blatantly OP for one season and neutered the rest of the expansion
    Spriest mastered it, to fly under the nerf radar completely. There is even a dev quote to it.

    This is the most fun and strongest spec availble at the moment.

    Of course i wonder what happens in 5.2 with those new monks, as blizz gave them possibly op tools(ring of peace) just to drag them into pvp more.

    BTW, my favs are Unholy DK, Warlock(any spec), Mutilate Rogue, Fire Mages and Disc/Spriest. And since i played very long all of them were my mains at one time. Currently having fun with uh again(but, they better bring 5.2 changes soon, as the mechanisms are the most clunky ones in the entire game!) and especially feral druid/rdruid. I personally prefere specs that stack up a ton of debuffs on your target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    Not only braincells but patience and, preferably, 2 brains and 3 arms.
    Sorry, having a ludicrous rotation and stuff to do, doesn't mean a class is for pros, it just means it's for masochists.

    Or you can just reroll sub rogue. Equally retarded amount of things to do.

    Learn to use macros, especially pet macros, they are required for uh to play at all, it certainly nothing for beginners, also writing own macros helps greatly too.
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