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    That not true at all a pve geared hunter, rogue, or mage could beat someone in full pvp gear easily. Warriors and death knights can't touch a good hunter. Mages can just straight up kite someone all day long have two ice blocks, and massive amount of cc to stop damage. I never understood people who whined about pve gear in bgs if your good enough it was just a damage boost.

    Btw this is in a cata and wotlk perspective haven't played a dps at 90 yet leveling a rogue.
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    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
    2. I'm not a man, because man is inherently flawed. I am in fact a being so far beyond your comprehension that archaic constraints like flesh, blood, time and consequently, gender, have no meaning to me.

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    Let me sum it up. I'm sorry you can't go into Random BGs to have fun in your PvE gear. However, PvPers DO NOT want to have to PvE to get the best items for PvP. That is why PvP power is in the game and it's going to stay. It was a good addition to the game and has helped solve problems in PvP due to PvE trinkets and legendary's broken damage in PvP being removed out of the equation.

    I really don't care if PvErs can't jump straight into PvP and be extremely effective; PvPers in full Malevolent are not likely to be accepted into anything but a normal PuG if they get lucky. PvP gear isn't effective in PvE, either. Just like PvE gear should not be effective in PvP and I'm glad they made sure that it would work that way in MoP.
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