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    Cool [A] <Borderline Amazing> is LFM! [25M][16/16N][6/16H]

    <Borderline Amazing> [25M] is recruiting!

    We are currently 4/6H MSV, 2/6H HoF, and 16/16N.


    Borderline Amazing was formed on 1/21/2010 on the Alliance side of Bleeding Hollow (US, Ruin). We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who enjoys progression just as much as providing an enjoyable raiding experience for all involved. BA has been a 25-man raiding guild since our inception, and we will never even consider making the switch to a 10-man format. All of our raiders prefer the 25-man environment, and we have never had to make the switch to 10-mans as so many guilds have been forced to due to lack of attendance and other factors. All of our boss kills have come on 25-man, as we don't believe in doing progression fights on 10-man just so we can use that as leverage to future applicants.

    We are looking for players with a high level of situational awareness, knowledge of your class, and promptness/preparedness for the raid night at hand. We currently operate under a 5-person loot council system. Attendance is absolutely key to earning a core raid spot within our guild. If you cannot consistently make our raids on a weekly basis (all three days), it is unlikely you will earn a raiding spot with our core. You must pull your weight to be considered for core. Looking for ilvl 485+ at this time with a fair amount of experience.

    Raid Times
    • Tuesday: 8:00pm - Midnight EST (Invites go out at 7:45pm EST.)
    • Wednesday: 8:00pm - Midnight EST (Invites go out at 7:45pm EST.)
    • Thursday: 8:00pm - Midnight EST (Invites go out at 7:45pm EST.)

    Current Needs
    • Hybrid classes with a healing spec (Shaman, Druid, etc.).
    • Any exceptional player of any class/spec are encouraged to apply!

    Trial Process

    When your application is accepted on our website and you are invited into the guild you will begin a trial process. During your trial your attendance, raid performance (situational awareness, knowledge of your class, etc.) will be evaluated, as well as how your damage/healing stacks up versus the rest of the raid. After a certain amount of time the officers and recruitment officers (known as HR) will discuss your performance and we will take a vote on how to proceed. During this trial period we will make every effort to help you improve your performance in any way we can.

    Be advised there is no set amount of time that has to pass before your name is brought up for consideration. Sometimes we know very quickly, other times we have to think about it. Either way, we always try to keep you in the loop.

    Recruitment Contacts

    We currently operate with 5 officers, and 2 recruitment officers, of which any can be contacted regarding recruitment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Below are the Battletags/RealID contacts for the officers and HR members.
    • Earthlas (GM): Country#1350
    • Purstigious (Officer): brucefarley23[at]yahoo[dot]com
    • Lockslap (Officer): Lockslap#1206
    • Alkesh (Officer): Alkesh#1679
    • Haystack (Officer): efex669[at]hotmail[dot]com
    • Solace (Recruitment): Solace#1490
    • Pandophile (Recruitment): eugenio[dot]plaja[at]gmail[dot]com
    • Website:

    Please submit an application at or speak to an officer/recruitment officer in game.

    Once I post enough to have links and such in the posts I will remove the bracketed replacement I had to use.
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    [10:39:30] Guild: Borderline Amazing
    [10:39:30] Guild created 1-21-2010, 477 players, 188 accounts
    Happy Birthday BA!

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    Would love to find a really good elemental shaman!

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    Ele Shaman/Prot warrior pair looking for a new home and raiding guild. HM experience 5/6 and 9/16 respectively. Please see our post on MMO or get in contact with me on BattleTag if you are interested and have room for both of us. Jen1193#1466 is my BattleTag ID. Thanks

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    bump for updated progression! still actively recruiting!!!

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    bump for a heroic wind lord kill!

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    bump for another upcoming week of some great progression!

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