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    I never got any during all of BC or Wrath. Then during Cata i got the 359 plate tanking chest to drop and the 359 cloth healing hood. So far in MoP I've gotten the cloth caster chestpiece and the ele shaman legs.

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    Found a 476 agi neck while doing dailies, sold for 20k

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    The shoulders from Edward the Odd dropped for me in a TB daily. I auctioned them off in /2 in about 10 minutes for maybe 15k. At the time that probably doubled the amount of gold I had. Later got one of the BoE epics that were added in 4.3 in one of the HoT instances, although those weren't particularly special or all that rare.

    Sadly the BoE epics that drop outside of raids in MoP have a nerfed ilevel. I did get a purple robe the other day though, which is probably worth only a few k (I might give it to a caster alt).

    I got a Krol Blade while soloing Strath in Cata or maybe late in Wrath, and various other BoE epics have come my way while leveling alts.

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    I got the battered hilt but thats it. Been playing for 8 years

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    1-2 per expansion. Always from dungeons.

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    Got a few, but the only one i remember is Dory's cloak from MoP. I tend to just keep them for one of my alts if it's any good.

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    i started 3yrs ago, i havent got any in lk (as far as i remember) i got 2 in cata, and 3 in pandaria (cloth chest, tank shield and tank neck i think) but i have no tank haha

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    None. Been playing since 2006 but quit a while back.

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    I've gotten one every expansion since I started. Sash of Jordan in wotlk, some chest piece in cata and I got the shield in mop. Never anything useful for me so it always goes to the gbank.

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    Krol Blade dropped once while I was helping a hunter guildie with his bow quest.

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    at start of cata 359 str ring, wotlk was the zoms bulwark or shield w/e 200 and in mop i got some cloth gloves 476.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robodin View Post
    Krol Blade dropped once while I was helping a hunter guildie with his bow quest.
    This. In the old Tyr's Hand on my Rogue in Vanilla. Nothing since though

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    Just the one, The 359 Tanking Shield back in Cata (Blockade's Lost Shield), whilst doing TB dailies on my Pally, sold it for 10k iirc.

    Edit: I did get the Battered Hilt on my DK from FoS HC a month before the release of Cata. ah, Quel'delar <3
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    Two. Got some plate from a ghoul doing Tol Barad dailys which I sold for 10k and my Spriest got which he wore until a few weeks ago. I've had a couple of other world epics drop, but those are the only max level ones.

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    Got that caster Mail belt in MoP. Seen 1-2 others but thats the only max lvl thing Ive gotten while it was current
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    I've gotten several. I got a pair of world drop tank pants the second or third day after cataclysm launched and made like 60k off of them.
    So far this expansion I've got 6-8 already (3 of them were while farming skyshards).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    The funny thing is the most expensive epic I ever sold was that level 40s slutty dress model that matches the ones from AQ. Got it off an Ogre in the cave in Badlands while questing. Listed it for 10k just for lolz and it sold overnight. Also this was years before Transmog.

    Also does anyone remember what people were making so much gold off of by soloing trash inside BT? I remember it got nerfed cause hunters, mages, and SPriests were all raking in gold by snare kiting them. Remember watching some videos on it but cant remember what they were getting that was worth so much.
    LOL, I had 5 of those in my ALT bank about a year before transmog came out, wante to collect them so i bought them off the AH, ususally for about 400-600g. I equiped 4 to random toons and when mogging was patched in i sold the last one for 8k.

    I saw Super Simian Sphere drop in WOTLK, lost the roll.
    Got a solid fuck ton of them from HOT heroics.

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    I got a staff of natural fury in TBC and the recipe for fel-edged battleaxe, both for level 70.
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    I get a few as well, it really depends on how much you play.

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    I've gotten 2.

    One was the level 70 BoE dagger in BC that had the red/black swirling glows, Night Blade or Dusk Blade or some variant of the name. Got it on those Ogre hills that loomed over Shat.

    The second was an 85 BoE leather chest that dropped while doing Tol Barad dailies, the spiders to be exact. Unfortunately, THAT drop came only a few weeks ago while I was farming marks for the Drake with a 90, so needless to say, the excite for seeing a world epic drop was a bit diminished. But, it was technically a level cap BoE epic for the content it dropped in!

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