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    I got a battered hilt in wrath, that's it though.

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    Got a couple of Super Simian Spheres. Got a BoE shield in BoT, BoE trinket in BWD.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    I've gotten two. One was a crappy weapon near the end of BC, and the other was a staff in early cata which I sold for a gazillion gold.

    I also have a super simian sphere but I don't think that counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    Just wondering how many people have gotten world drop BoE epics at max level during any expansion? I think since I started playing WoW I have had a total of 18 differrent characters that were at one time "max level" I have gotten TWO epics and both were during wrath. I got a Sash of Jordan and a Je'Tze's Bell. Both came at the end of Wrath while I was leveling a new alt so they didnt sell for crap. Anyone have just as bad of luck as me or anyone out there that has an account flagged for good loot and just has them rain from the sky? Always interested in seeing how rare these things really are. I would think having had so many characters since TBC that were max level that I would have found more than 2. Also they came on the same character in Icecrown I think within days of each other.

    Also dungeon/raid epic BoEs dont count because dont they have a higher chance to drop compared to world epics? For example the ones in ZA/ZG dropped like candy. I remember when the Zul's first went live like everyone in the group walked out with 1-2 epics each run it was retarded. Also just did a Cata raid run last night for achievements and we had two BoEs drop off the trash in Atramedes room and ended up with 5 total so obviously they have a much higher chance to drop in instances.
    I think you can only have a chance of world drop BOE Epics if you actually spend most of your time outside. I rarely do spend my time outside questing or doing dailies.

    But on the other hand I've been really lucky on BOE drops in dungeons and raids. My very first BOE epic ring dropped in a Deadmines run just before Needing it made it BoP, so everyone needed on it and I won it. I tired selling it on Trade Chat. Was wondering how much people were willing to pay. I was really poor back then. Lets just say I didn't know the art to gold making and I had only 1 toon then with 2 gathering professions and I hated farming. So anywho, people were bidding 2K. Someone managed to quote me a price of 4K. I was actually looking for around 8K+ to be honest. I turned them down. I decided to put it on the AH for 20K. Think it was the BIS ring for mages and boomkins (I didn't know that then). Well I just thought what the hell 20K sounds a good try. Well it sold in less that 5 mins. So that very sale forged the path for my gold making. Went ahead and levelled JC and Alchemy..

    But world drop epics do have a lower drop rate only cause they can drop from so many different mobs. But I ain't really talking about dungeon epics. I am talking about Raid level epics too.

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