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    What's with the Plate DPS drops in Heart of Fear?

    After 2 months of LFR, 3 weeks of 25 man normal, and a total of 15+ coins used, I have not seen the belt from the 1st boss or the chest from 3rd boss or the shoulders from the 4th boss.

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    RNG is RNG, keep trying

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    Bad luck.

    I've been running around with the Hozen Slicer for about 2 months, too. No Elegion LFR, no Elegion Normal, no Scimitar LFR, no Scimitar Normal. And I always used my coins on Shaper without a single drop.

    Then, suddenly in LFR, the shaper gave the 483 shoulders and then the Scimitar via coin. Don't need the shoulders @tm, but I was happy about the sword.
    Just keep trying and don't give up, I know it sucks. It felt so creepy with my 471 blue sword when everything else was epic.

    What about the belt from terrace? Crit & Hit, got it one or two weeks ago.

    Anyway, good luck.
    We are as God intended. Fallible, yet capable of great things.

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    You don't want the chest anyway.

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    what is it you want to hear? that your loot system is bugged? just read one of the MANY topics about lfr rng and you will find out its not only you

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